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Feedback Edge - 360 degree feedback appraisal

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Stanford’s business school’s advisory board stated that self-awareness is the most important trait of a successful leader. Self-awareness is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how they impact those around you. Leadership health and maturity depends on clear and accurate self awareness.

Leaders, and for that matter, all human beings, carry blind spots. A blind spot is an area of weakness or development that others are aware of but which the individual him/herself is not aware of. These blind spots can be identified and removed when individuals invite others to give them the gift of feedback.

360 Benefits

  • Clear self awareness
  • Identify strength areas to leverage for greater impact
  • Identify developmental areas to improve or delegate to others
  • Inspire a feedback rich culture with your organization
  • Increase trust with work colleagues and loved ones
  • Low cost with high return on investment
  • Automated reminders for users and raters
  • User friendly web based system

It is not until we have truly been shocked into seeing ourselves as we really are, instead of as we wish or hopefully assume we are, that we can take the first step toward individual reality.

Edward Whitmont, psychiatrist