360 Feedback Demo Experience

Feedback Edge - 360 degree feedback appraisal

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We invite you to invest a few minutes to experience the Feedback Edge professional and simple 360 feedback demo. Simply fulfill the two tasks below to complete your Dashboard requirements.

First, enter in your raters with respective categories and email addresses. Note the option at the bottom of the page to use the generic letter of invitation or to create your own.
Note: You will not actually send out rater invitations within the 360 Feedback Demo process.

Second, perform a self rating with the ten (10) sample 360 feedback demo questions. And don’t forget to add some comments in the “what you appreciate” and “what you don’t appreciate” boxes beneath each question. Be as honest and accurate as you can in assessing your own performance.

Well, how did that go? Like we said, professional and simple. Now imagine the benefits you will receive once you complete your own 360 appraisal. We invite you to Contact Us to initiate a 360 degree feedback assessment.