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Feedback Edge - 360 degree feedback appraisal

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Feedback Edge is simple, convenient, and easy to use. The feedback is 360 degrees for it comes from those above, below, and next to you who have a clear set of eyeballs on you and your behavior. The process and report are confidential and intended for the user and their debrief facilitator alone.

Get 360 degree feedback using our 360 degree performance appraisal


  • Feedback Edge provides users with the 360 invitation and log in information
  • Users complete a self rating with comments
  • Users enter 15 or more raters from 5 groups (managers, peers, direct reports, customers, and others)
  • Raters receive invitation and log in to Feedback Edge to rate your leadership
  • Process runs for 3 weeks
  • Feedback Edge report is published and sent to user 24 hours prior to one-one debrief session

We recommend that every Feedback Edge 360 multi-rater assessment is debriefed by a competent and professional facilitator. The facilitator serves as a coach to help the user gain the most value from their report.