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Years back I found myself in a leadership predicament. I was in a senior leadership role enjoying organizational success yet turning key leaders over like the surf of the sea. I was strong at recruiting and training but weak on retaining. One day a board member invited me to lunch to help me understand just why key leaders were leaving. This meeting was my chance to have a defining moment!

There in that burger joint he explained that there were real issues with my character and behavior that made it difficult if not impossible for leaders to continue working with me. Although he was respectful and positive I was unable to hear him out. I abruptly excused myself from the restaurant and drove back to my office. Within three weeks the entire board offered their resignations. I was unable to receive the gift of feedback! I struggled with the loss of these close and competent leaders yet recruited still others and continued to build the organization.

Three years later yet another set of leaders expressed their dissatisfaction and wanted out. I completed a 360 multi-rater assessment and received the gift of feedback as my strengths and weaknesses were brought into the light. The 360 revelation coupled with the courageous commitment of others to bring truth to my leadership has been life and career changing for me. I have come to the place where I regularly seek feedback from those around me which has kept me ever forward and growing. My feedback manta has become, "seek and speak truth always." I regret that it took me almost five decades to get to this freeing and satisfying place.

S Chip Toth, LeadersInspire